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Ford Escape for Sale in Houston, TX

Ford Escape for Sale in Houston, TX
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(2 reviews) "The sales person I worked with was very nice and I felt that she was wanting to be more helpful than she was allowed. When I tested the car on Friday it has 84,783 miles on it and a full tank of gas. By the time I got back down there on Monday it had 84,9++ miles on it. They had managed to put on a car that they were trying to sell, at least 200 miles. The tire sensor needed to be reset and they tried to sell me one at their cost ($85. 99) and I would still have to pay to have it installed Should only run you about $10-$15 dollars for the shop to put it in. We took it to Discount tire and they quoted me $64. 99 to have it fixed. I paid for this (stupid me) before I even purchased the vehicle. I did not want to buy a car thinking, on their word, that the issue was only going to be a $100 fix, only for it to turn out to be a $2000 problem. When Discount Tire took off the tire to install the new sensor they saw that the tire was SHREDDED on the inside.

It seriously looked like coffee grounds in there!! They said I was lucky it didn t blow out when we were driving. They couldn t even get it back on the wheel so I could take the car back to the dealer. So, Discount Tire put the cheapest tire they had on the car and talked to the dealer. Sky wanted me to pay for the tire, but the guy at DT said no. It wasn t my car, wasn t my problem. When I get back to the dealer office it was nearly closing time and they were cleaning up and getting ready to go. They acted like they did me a favor for paying for the tire to be replaced. IT WAS NOT MY CAR. It is reasonable to expect that when purchasing a vehicle you will be able to drive it for more than a day. I wanted to make sure if i bought this car I was going to be able to make it back home, which is over an hour away. I finally got then to put in writing as part of the contract what they would cover the remaining tires in case something happened on my way home.

Thankfully nothing did, but I did take the vehicle to a tire shop near my home and had them replace the cheap tire and the other that was 5 years old and showing signs of dry rot (cracks in the sidewall). The car had a sticker on the windshield that indicated it was due for an oil change on 9-25-2015. To the best of my knowledge that hadn t been done so after having the tires replaced I took it to the other shop and had that done. An oil change doesn t cost that much. Especially when you have an on-site mechanic who can do it himself. Why was that not done? Why were there 200 more miles on the car in only a day and a half? Why were there scratches in the tint on the driver window that weren t there when my husband drove over an hour to test the car on Saturday? What did you guys do to this car when I wasn t looking?

All in all I am happy with the car itself, but I feel like there were a lot of nickels and dimes that were being pinched. I know it s a used car. I understand that there is some general wear that is going to happen. But really. 200 miles in a day and a half? So I bought the car and had to put gas in it so I could even get home. 200 miles will use up a tank of gas. good to know. This was a learning experience for me to say the least (I am not in the habit of purchasing vehicles). The whole time I was working with Sky Auto they kept talking about how if there was something wrong they would fix it because they didn t want to appear shady in the public eye. They can t do business if no one trusts them. That s all well and good, but when someone takes them up on that notion ( Hey, something is wrong ) they turn it around so that the buyer is supposed to pay for it or, and I quote, I d rather just sell the car to someone else.

Thank you Sky Auto for a mediocre experience. " Did You Know? The average American will drive 798,000 miles in a lifetime. The average American will drive to the moon and back 3. 5X in their lifetime. The average American will spend over 9,100 hours commuting to/from work. The average American will spend over 37,047 hours in cars throughout their lifetime. The average American stays with a car for 6 years. The average American owns 12 cars in their lifetime. Disclaimer: Many of our inventory photos are stock photography. Actual colors, options and accessories may differ on the specific vehicle you have selected. Special Mac Haik price is MSRP less any factory rebates less Mac Haik Discount plus TTL. Some rebates may not apply due to trade or required financing options. Mac Haik Ford reserves the right to modify special prices to correct arithmetic errors. See dealer for full details and financing options.
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