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2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 Photo Gallery - Autoblog

2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 Photo Gallery - Autoblog
The largest van in the three-pointed star lineup is also the newest, as the Sprinter received a rather extensive facelift in 2013, bringing with it quite an array of passenger car features that catapulted it aeons above other large panel vans out there from the technology point of view. Among the technology features that the newest Sprinter incorporates are also environmentally-friendly measures such as being the first van in its segment to meet the Euro VI emission standards, while also offering the best fuel economy possible. These measures didn't go unnoticed apparently, as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter managed to take up the two top slots in the Green Van 2014 environmental ranking, which is made by the German automotive weekly VerkehrsRundschau. We re delighted about this important award, said Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans and former Head of AMG. We intentionally equipped the new Sprinter with numerous innovative technical features for enhancing fuel efficiency. We also focused on fulfilling the Euro VI standard early on. All of this has met with a great response, as we can see from our customers. The first place in the ranking wen to the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI, while the second spot was filled by the Sprinter 313 CDI, showing that the three-pointed star manufacturer wasn't exactly playing the wooden marketing game when it announced that they will drastically reduce CO2 emissions in the upcoming years.

Thanks to BlueTec engine technology and a SCR system that injects the urea-based AdBlue into the exhaust gas of its engines, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter facelift is arguably the greenest large van on the planet right now when it comes to harmful emissions.
http://files. mercedes-fans. de/gallery_pictures/2013/02/mercedes-benz-erlk-nig-sprrinter-spy-shot-005o. jpg http://files. mercedes-fans. de/gallery_pictures/2013/02/mercedes-benz-erlk-nig-sprrinter-spy-shot-006o. jpg http://files. mercedes-fans. de/gallery_pictures/2013/02/mercedes-benz-erlk-nig-sprrinter-spy-shot-007o. jpg http://files. mercedes-fans. de/gallery_pictures/2013/02/mercedes-benz-erlk-nig-sprrinter-spy-shot-008o. jpg http://files. mercedes-fans. de/gallery_pictures/2013/02/mercedes-benz-erlk-nig-sprrinter-spy-shot-009n. jpg http://files. mercedes-fans. de/gallery_pictures/2013/02/mercedes-benz-erlk-nig-sprrinter-spy-shot-010o. jpg http://files. mercedes-fans. de/gallery_pictures/2013/02/mercedes-benz-erlk-nig-sprrinter-spy-shot-011n. jpg http://files. mercedes-fans. de/gallery_pictures/2013/02/mercedes-benz-erlk-nig-sprrinter-spy-shot-012o. jpg Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 The Mercedes Benz Sprinter first came to market as the Dodge Sprinter, but soon after a few years and the dissolved partnership between Chrysler and Mercedes, Mercedes Benz decided to take their workhorse van back.

To make the Sprinter a more capable work van, Mercedes Benz is now adding a 4X4 system. Here in the states, the Sprinter is available with two different engines. The base engine is a turbo Diesel four cylinder engine that produces 161 horsepower and 265 pound feet of torque. The second engine choice is a Turbo Diesel six cylinder engine that produces 188 horsepower and 320 pound feet of torque. According to Mercedes Benz, the 4X4 Sprinter is not just for better traction on the streets, but it s meant to help add traction in tough conditions like construction sites, mountains, snowy regions, and natural landscapes. Unlike Mercedes typical all-wheel drive system, the Sprinter s 4X4 system must be engaged by the driver.

When engaged, the standard torque split is 35 percent front and 65 percent rear, with the Sprinter useing an electronic traction system known as 4ETS to distribute torque accordingly. If the system sense wheel slippage it will apply brake power to the spinning wheel to help distribute torque to wheels with traction. To enhance its go anywhere attitude, the Sprinter has been lifted 4. 3 inches up front and 3. 1 inches out back to traverse those work place obstacles. The Sprinter is also available with Downhill Speed Regulation and low range reduction gears to improve its off-roading abilities. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is offered in several body styles ranging from short to long wheelbases, variety of roof heights, and now rear wheel drive or 4X4. However, it s unclear whether or not the 4X4 Sprinter will make it Stateside, but we don t see why it wouldn t in a country of various weather conditions and terrain. By: As a segment, full-size vans are stealth-fighter invisible on most consumers' radar. Visit a dealership for any of the four brands that offer them and you'll be lucky to find even one on display. These are commercial vehicles primarily, even more so than pickup trucks.

Vans are the shuttles for plumbers, caterers, carpenters, concrete layers, masons, electricians, florists and flooring, and a huge part of this country's productivity is accomplished using them. At the moment, Ford is the 800-pound gorilla in that room fully 41 percent of commercial vehicles wear a Blue Oval. So when Ford announced three years ago it would be ditching its commercial bread-and-butter E-Series, it meant the Transit that would be replacing the Econoline had huge, 53-year-old shoes to fill. We were still a bit nostalgic about Econoline vans going away until going directly from the Transit first drive in Kansas City to an E-350 airport shuttle. Climb up through the Econoline's tiny double doors and bang your head on the opening, crouch all the way to your seat then enjoy a loud, rattle-prone, creaky, harsh ride on beam-hard seats while struggling to see out the low windows. This is an experience nearly every traveler has had. By comparison, the Transits we'd just spent two days with were every bit of the four decades better they needed to be. It cannot be understated just how much better the Transit is in every single way. The rest at the link.
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