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2017 Kia Optima PHEV Photo Gallery - Autoblog

2017 Kia Optima PHEV Photo Gallery - Autoblog

CARS. COM Б The styling of the 2017 Kia Optima Plug-in should come as no shock; it looks a lot like the 2016 redesign of the regular Optima, and the same goes for the new hybrid version. Both cars are now electrifying visitors to the 2016 Chicago Auto Show, where Cars. com is on the scene and reporting from the exhibit floor. More 2016 Chicago Auto Show Coverage Eco-friendly aerodynamic updates include an active grille that closes to improve airflow, a hybrid-specific front air curtain, a beveled rear bumper, an exclusive. Published By: (Today) - -BMW is in the thick of turning out plug-in hybrid variants of every major model. (Yesterday) - -ItБs indicative of how established KiaБs Optima has become that weБve been reduced to picking. (Yesterday) - -----------------------------------------. (Yesterday) - CARS. COM Б What good is having a 455-horsepower engine if no one knows about. (Yesterday) - Source: Autoblog BMW Related posts: 2016 BMW 225xe plug-in hybrid unveiled. (3 days ago) - Kia wants you to learn everything about its latest SUV, so it has released an.
Motoring (33). Motor Shows. Motor Insurance. Petrol Prices. Vehicle Excise Duty. MPVs. SUVs. Alfa Romeo. Audi. BMW. Ferrari. Fiat. Honda. Jaguar. Lamborghini. Land Rover. Mazda. Mercedes-Benz. Nissan. Peugeot-Citro n.

Renault. Rolls-Royce. Skoda. Toyota. TVR. Vauxhall. Volkswagen. Electric Vehicles. Hybrid Vehicles. Hydrogen Vehicles. Motorbikes. Geneva Motor Show. Paris Motor Show. Tokyo Motor Show. Animal Welfare (2). Consumer Affairs (10). Diet Fitness (9). Drugs Alcohol (12). Family (10). Fashion (12). Food Drink (12). Gadgets (1). Gambling (9). Gardening. Health (56). Outdoor Activities (2). Personal Finance (10). Property (19). Religion (13). Sex Gender (5). Travel (1) The indication is a partial of a automaker s beginning to boost fuel potency by 25 percent opposite a company s lineup by 2020. Kia has already shown a eagerness to supplement to a ever-growing line of eco-friendly vehicles. Well, cruise a automaker s as eco- friendlier. Joining a 2017 Niro Hybrid Utility Vehicle (HUV) and 2017 Optima Hybrid (HEV), a Optima Plug-In Hybrid touts an estimated 600 miles of sum pushing operation and what a automaker refers to as a PHEV s next-generation battery system, featuring a 9. 8 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack, generating about 60 percent some-more appetite than a battery container in Optima s hybrid system. It s now on arrangement during a Chicago Auto Show. The complement is estimated to give drivers 27 miles in full electric-vehicle mode в something that Kia says creates it a personality in a all-electric operation class.

As partial of a confidant beginning to boost fuel potency by 25 percent opposite a whole Kia indication choice by 2020, a plug-in hybrid was a vicious serve to a offering. The Optima HEV adds hybrid potency to a standout styling and automobile dynamics of a all-new Optima, and a PHEV takes things one step serve with all-electric operation that is among a best in a segment, pronounced Orth Hedrick, Kia s clamp boss of product planning, in a association press recover matter late final week. В All 3 of a vehicles being introduced here during a Chicago Auto Show are emblematic of Kia s joining to sustainability and a truth that we shouldn t have to accept compromises when creation a immature choice. The 2017 Optima PHEV also facilities Kia s 2. 0-liter Nu four-cylinder Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine and a transmission-mounted 50 kW motor, that a automaker claims is 42 percent some-more absolute than that of prior Optima Hybrids, spelling a larger all-electric output. Kia also promises a some-more seamless transition from electric to gasoline to hybrid modes with a latest Optima PHEV model. Blind Spot Detection, Advanced Smart Cruise Control, a Lane Departure Warning System and Front Collision Warning System, while ancillary both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay infotainment centers like a K900 oppulance sedan and Soul EV before it.

An concomitant app for a automobile will also concede drivers to start and stop a automobile remotely, lock/unlock remotely, precondition a cabin s heat and capacitate drivers to accept speed alerts and activate Geofence settings. Kia is really revving adult during a Chicago Auto Show so far. Tesla may be promising its "affordable" Model 3 in, but we're still in the dark as to what it looks like. A mysterious sheet-clad model in Tesla's own design studio might give us the best hints so far, however, with Australian news show 60 Minutes catching the oddly-shaped car in the corner while ostensibly talking about the Model X SUV due to arrive in just a few months. Spotted and freeze-framed by "hockeythug" of the Tesla Motors Club forums, the focus of the image is clearly meant to be the partially-clad Model X on the left, with no mention made of the entirely-hidden cars on the far right. Tesla has promised to reveal what the Model 3 looks like, but the oddity on the left in this cluster might well be an early preview. Although the lumpy form under the close-fitting sheet might not look much like a car, there's some prior evidence to suggest that Tesla's mock-up is indeed asymmetrical.

In a feature on the company, Tim Urban described the double-sided clay car as shown to him by Tesla's own chief designer. [Tesla chief designer Franz] Von Holzhausen showed me a full-size clay car that was simultaneously testing two different possible designs for the upcoming Model 3 by making the two halves of the model different. He explained how precise everything about car design is and how "a difference of a quarter millimeter can spread itself across the entire car. " One half would appear to be more upright, a somewhat traditional hatchback shape perhaps, whereas the other half looks to be sleeker, more akin to a smaller version of the existing Tesla Model S. Next to it, meanwhile, is what some are speculating could be a refreshed Model S, though it might just be the existing car only with a protective sheet left in place. Whatever they are, they're sharing design studio space with some Hollywood history. The Lotus submarine from James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me - which - is also apparently a resident. Musk had previously said he intended to give the iconic Bond car a Tesla-style EV makeover. Exactly where that project is up to is unclear, though the transforming submarine-car in a recent Tesla software update for the Model S. VIA SOURCE ; MORE

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