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First Drives News and Information - Autoblog

First Drives News and Information - Autoblog

Sitting down at the pre-drive briefing with Ford engineers ahead of sampling the refreshed 2015 Focus, water bottles clinked as we wet our whistles before Q A. While pouring a glass, we noticed something stamped on the bottle label: "1L. " One liter. We were palming the exact displacement of the EcoBoost engine our group was about to drive. This was undoubtedly coincidence (such bottles litter every conference and dinner table in Europe) but it served to drive home just how small the total sw
Totally agree, Chevy's trying too hard to create a corporate face for Chevys. GM has some top notch designers, (Corvette, Camaro, STS, CTS and so on), So I know they have the talent to design a nice car. 1: First is the face, Too busy, Upper grill, center grill, and a lower grill with so many cuts and creases it looks like the designer had a ADHD disorder, not trying to be silly, but honest.

Look at new Cadillacs, Large grill with 2 headlights, Simple and elegant. 2: The rear looks like a hatchback, sedans need a proper 3 box design, leave this look to the Prius's of the world, No one can say the design improves MPGs, the 2016 Malibu with 2. 0L 4 banger gets 32 mpg, the 2006 with a 3. 5L V6 gets 32 mpg. 3: Which leads me to the 3rd problem, A car this large, and a 2. 0L 4 banger is the largest engine available, well say goodby to expecting a Malibu to getting 150K to 200K plus miles, Im all for more mpgs, but making a small engine work hard to keep the pace doesnt save on fuel that much, but it looks good on paper to bean counters, And reaching down to the deepest form of common sense and engineering knows that over working a small engine affects longevity.

Still a lifetime GM fan, but this car has me scratching my head, cause I know CEO Mary Barra is a smart car person, but this is a case where Im having flashbacks of the Pre Bankruptcy GM, letting the bean counters dictate the demise of this company, again. The Autoblog crew was also amongst the special guests invited to the international press launch of the BMW M235i and, of course, they published their first thoughts about the car as soon as possible.

I won t go over the design of the car, as you can make that out for yourself. Compared to the car it s replacing, the M235i looks a lot better, from my point of view, with an attractive front fascia and a massive rear end. The thing that matters the most, when going for such a Coupe is its performance. The 3-liter turbocharged engine under the bonnet makes 326 HP and 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) of torque from 1,300 RPM, revving up to around 7,000 RPM. This being a Bavarian, you can always count on the linearity of the engine and its power delivery to be right on point. The engine doesn t ever give up, no matter what despite having to carry around some kilos and the guys from Autoblog call the brakes excellent despite other people having criticized them.

On the road, there s a noticeable difference between the various driving modes you get to pick from, the Comfort setting really setting the standard for painless trips. The track experience makes you understand why the M division agreed to somewhat back this car up. It s easy to handle and quick to respond, the steering offering much more feedback than expected. Prices for the M235i start at $44,025 and within that price range, in the US, with a manual, there s simply no other alternative. Full Test at

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