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2016 Ford Focus RS Information

2016 Ford Focus RS Information

It s always nice to be proven right. We re going to try to play down the triumphalism and try not to say, We told you so. But we re very happy to report that, with regard to the How Many Driven Wheels Will the New Ford Focus RS Have? question, we got it right. Because the answer is: four. Some well-respected outlets were asserting that the third-generation Focus RS would, like its predecessors, be front-wheel drive. But at the official unveiling in Germany, we learned that the RS will be able to meet rivals such as the
and the on equal terms. Powering the RS The RS uses an uprated version of the s turbocharged 2. 3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, mounted transversely and delivering well in excess of 315 horsepower. We ll have to wait for the official performance figures, but there s no doubt the RS is anything but a rocket ship, its all-wheel-drive system likely capable of helping it deliver a zero-to-60-mph time of well under five seconds. And some really good news: It will come standard and only with a six-speed manual gearbox. The 2. 3-liter engine has been substantially altered from the version that powers the Mustang, with a new low-inertia twin-scroll turbocharger and a bigger intercooler, along with a revised cylinder head and stronger cast-iron cylinder liners. Ford promises a free-revving top end that doesn t sound like the to us with a maximum rev limit of 6800 rpm. Taken together, that has us thinking that the finished car could produce more than 325 horsepower possibly quite a bit more. (For reference, the last Focus RS was sold in Europe with an optional factory-supported Mountune upgrade that pushed power to 345 ponies. ) The other significant number we don t have yet is the RS s weight. The additional bulk of the four-wheel-drive system means the RS is certain to tip the scales at more than the 3234 pounds of. As for that all-wheel-drive system, it includes a torque-vectoring function, with twin electronically controlled clutch packs on either side of the rear drive unit. In addition to managing front-to-rear torque distribution up to 70 percent of the output can be sent to the rear axle the clutch packs can divert power from side to side across the rear axle. Under cornering, most of the torque is sent to the outer rear wheel to help turn-in and reduce understeer, with Ford also promising and this is in the official release the ability to achieve controlled oversteer drifts at the track.

That explains some of the impressive angles managed by Ken Block (credited as an RS project consultant) in. Chassis Changes When it s not drifting, the RS s clever chassis is said to be able to generate more than 1. 0 g of lateral acceleration. The springs, bushings, and anti-roll bars are all stiffer than those in the, with the RS also getting two-stage switchable dampers and a retuned electric power-steering system. Michelin has developed specific tires for the car, and you ll have your choice of Pilot Super Sport rubber or track-focused Pilot Sport Cups. Ford claims that the striking exterior styling delivers downforce as well as visual aggression, with a chunky rear spoiler integrated into the liftgate, a sizable diffuser, plus cooling ducts for the engine and brakes. Nineteen-inch wheels will be standard, along with bixenon headlamps. Inside the cabin are heavily bolstered Recaro sports seats, an additional bank of gauges, and lots of blue RS trim. Subtle it ain t, but that s hardly the point. The first two generations of the Focus RS were sold mainly in Europe and never made it to the U. S. , but the new car is a truly global offering and will be coming to the States. Engineered by the newly launched that is also doing, the RS will be built at the company s Saarlouis plant in Germany, where production is set to start by the end of the year. The first RS will reach U. S. shores sometime next year; Ford is being very coy about specific timing, let alone pricing. Meanwhile, we should be getting even more details about Ford s hottest hatch at the Geneva auto show in March. Winter Be Damned, Focus RS Drivers Can Shred Snow with First-Ever Factory Winter Tire Package Focus RS Winter Wheel Tire Package includes Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 tires, 18-inch silver-painted wheels, tire pressure monitoring sensors, and center caps all fully mounted and balanced DEARBORN, Mich. , Customers of Ford's all-new all-wheel-drive 350-horsepower Focus RS will now be able to order a fully certified winter tire kit for great driving enjoyment in the snow.

The Focus RS Winter Wheel Tire Package offers customers a unique set of wheels and tires the first time an original equipment manufacturer is making a check-the-box winter tire option available in North America. "We started this project knowing what our RS customers really want out of their cars," says Adam Wirth, chassis supervisor, Ford Performance. "This tire package allows RS owners to continue spirited driving even in the snow. " Ford Performance developed this package so the most demanding Focus customers can be outfitted with optimum equipment for winter conditions. The challenge was that normal vehicle testing procedures require certification with production wheels and tires; winter-only standards had never been authored. To bring this package to owners, the first step Ford Performance had to undertake was creating a new set of standards specifically suited for brutal winter conditions. These new standards were put to the test in extreme cold and snow in Northern Michigan and Sweden, to guarantee the quality and performance Ford customers expect. Engineers and technicians tested a wide variety of high-performance winter tire and wheel setups to determine the optimum combination for ride, handling and performance in various wintry conditions. The winning setup is a 225/40R18 Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 tire mounted to a new 18x7. 5-inch wheel, which looks very similar to the base Focus RS option, but is finished in sparkle silver to hide salt spray. The set is complete with tire pressure monitoring sensors and center caps fully mounted and balanced and ready for installation at the dealer. The wheel and tire are narrower, to provide improved snow traction, while the overall diameter is smaller, so owners can fit chains if necessary. "We fully expect our more extreme-weather customers to take advantage of the ability to use snow chains," Wirth says a smirk. The Ford Performance All-Wheel Drive fitted to Focus RS will take full advantage of these new winter tires; "Settings are completely driver-preference", notes Wirth, "Customers are able to utilize all four drive modes to suit their driving style in winter conditions. " Focus RS Winter Wheel Tire Package is available only in North America a $1,995 option.

For customers in Canada, the package comes standard on Focus RS. When your boss asks you if you'd like to take a ride in the 2016 Focus RS, you don't think, you just go. Which is how I found myself at Willow Springs Raceway for a Ford-sponsored preview drive on a chilly and blustery morning, with nothing but a light jacket and a helmet to keep me warm. No amount of desert wind could keep me from the right-hand seat in Ford's newest hot hatch. The Focus ST has always been one of my favorite front-wheel-drive, and the RS ups the ante with all-wheel-drive, a stiffer chassis, a launch mode and an industry-first drift setting. So how sick did I get? The 350 horses motivating us around the 1. 6 mile track at Willow Springs were on high alert, cantering around the track with abandon. My driver, Ford all-wheel-drive engineer Jim Fritz, didn't have any understeer to fight against, and would induce oversteer only when I asked for more thrills. The 2016 Ford Focus RS features an aggressive front fascia with an aerodynamic design. The Focus RS easily hit 100 mph on the 1,000-foot front straight, and at the first stomach-churning turn I was glad I hadn't eaten before buckling in. At the 20-degree banking turn known as "The Bowl," I was firmly pushed into my Recaro seat, looking forward to a bit of a break at the small straightaway that followed. The respite was short-lived, however, as the RS flew through the chicane. I, on the other hand, was just hoping the next 90-degree left would not make the storm in my inner ear any worse. No such luck. Still, I wanted another lap and Fritz was happy to oblige. The torque curve is pretty linear, with the RS' 350 pound-feet available from 2,000 to 4,500 rpm. Fritz ran an entire lap in second and third gear with little diminishment in performance. The 2. 3-liter, inline-four cylinder engine features a twin scroll turbo and will scoot from 0 to 62 mph in 4. 7 seconds. As an added bonus, the Focus RS comes with a six-speed manual gearbox. The Focus RS comes standard with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 235/35/R19 tires, although the more aggressive Sport Cup 2 are optional. At a chilly 47 degrees, the tires slid around just a bit in the warm-up lap, but settled down after that and held the RS to the pavement nicely.

We spent the day in Track mode, with Normal and Sport reserved for everyday driving and Drift being advised for maximum tire slaying. I wish I could have gotten a demo of Drift mode, but alas, it was not to be. Launch mode gets the Focus RS off the line as quickly as possible by minimizing wheel spin. The roof spoiler and rear diffuser contribute to zero lift. Track mode tightens up the steering, limits traction control, and stiffens the suspension. Willow Springs is a bit of a bumpy track. Fortunately the dampers can be softened independently of the drive mode, making for a more comfortable ride. Ford's new all-wheel-drive system can send up to 100 percent of available torque to the rear wheels. Through a nifty dynamic torque-vectoring system, all the torque can then be sent to either the left or right rear wheel, overdriving the outside rear wheel in a turn. The engineers claim the torque vectoring system gives the Focus RS all-wheel-drive traction and rear-wheel-drive handling. Indeed, the tail was happy to come out but small inputs to throttle at steering bring it quickly back in line. The RS is fast and fantastic fun. Even though queasy in the passenger seat, I wanted more. With a top speed of 165 mph, the Ford Focus RS is the fastest production Focus in the world. The 2016 Ford Focus RS starts at $35,730, which puts it just above the Subaru WRX STI in price, but right in line with the Volkswagen Golf R. (Availability in the UK and Australia hasn't yet been revealed, but the US price works out to бе23,484 and AU$50,247. ) Expect to see it in dealers in the spring of next year. Editor's note: CNET accepts multi-day vehicle loans from manufacturers in order to provide scored editorial reviews. All scored vehicle reviews are completed on our turf and on our terms. However, for this feature, travel costs were covered by the manufacturer. This is common in the auto industry, as it's far more economical to ship journalists to cars than to ship cars to journalists. The judgements and opinions of CNET's editorial team are our own and we do not accept paid editorial content.

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