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Ford Edges its way to SEMA

Ford Edges its way to SEMA

Edge Award-winning builders take the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport and new 2015 Ford Edge Sport to new levels at SEMA this year. Ranging from brutish off-roaders to the ultimate street cruisers, the tricked-out #FordSEMA SUVs feature both posh interiors and head-turning exterior mods to capture imaginations. Ford continues its unrivaled support of the SEMA show this year with the largest OEM stand and over 50 vehicles on display. A step beyond display vehicles, Ford Out Front also offers attendees a unique experience of watching or riding in one of our performance car or trucks on a closed course. Cool Blue Hues Make the Edge Sport Even Hotter Tjin Edition will show a street performance version of the new 2015 Ford Edge Sport at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. Performance modifications and an advanced air suspension highlight the Tjin Edition Edge Sports street credentials matching its strong exterior presence. - ADV. 1 ADV15R 22" 3-piece wheels (blue faces and gloss black lips)
3-2-1 Ignition: Mustang-Like Performance Meets the New 2015 Edge Ignition by Webasto brings both luxury and performance together in one sexy package.

Brad Keselowski tested and approved, this Edge Sport features more aggressive handling while offering comfort associated with high end luxury rides. Featuring carbon fiber components and performance enhancing parts, this Edge Sport boasts more power and tighter handling all while including Webasto Thermo technology giving it a luxury feel usually reserved for the elite. Orange is the New Silver; Ford Edge Sport Gets the Vaccar Touch The Vaccar Edge Sport concept is all about featured amenities, power for the road, and modern fashion. Premier styling is boldly expressed with bespoke brushed finishes and flat metallic textures while featuring an aggressive wheel-tire fitment that is precisely stanced via an advanced air suspension. - Air Lift Performance air struts, air springs, aluminium tank and dual compressors - Rovos Pretoria (22" x 10. 5") wheels - Auto Meter American Muscle boost, water temperature and volt meter gauges By Admin Posted in, on Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 at 8:33 am Ford is taking SEMA by storm once again this year with its lineup of custom pickups, SUVs, and CUVs.

Specifically, it will be revealing. Each one of these will feature unique upgrades and performance enhancements that are ideal for a specific purpose, such as going fast or being surrounded with luxury. The first Edge we will look into is the 2015 Ford Edge Tjin Edition, at SEMA 2015. The is not often thought of as a street-performance vehicle. When you look at the Tjin Edition Edge, however, that idea goes out the window.

It looks right at home with the chassis almost touching the wheels and the intercooler forcing its way out of the unique body kit. The first things you see when you look at the 2015 Ford Edge Tjin Edition are the 22-inch 3-piece wheels with blue faces and gloss black lips. The Axalta Clipper Blue paint job complements the wheels and LightWurkz custom headlights, making it look more like a. On the inside, you will find custom Alea Leather CT interior, found in no other Ford Edge. It also has other unique features such as a Safety F1rst Brake Light, which warns vehicles behind you by blinking the brake light four times after pushing the brake pedal as well as matching Thule bags for mobile storage. Once again, the 2015 Ford Edge Tjin Edition will be on display at SEMA 2015, which will take place this November. Portsmouth Used Car Center has a large selection of models that would make for perfect custom projects, so don t forget to check our inventory and keep reading our blog for more SEMA updates of the Ford Edge.

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