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New Mexico Auto Dealers

The New Mexico Independent Automotive Dealers Association (NMIADA) was established in 1962 to serve our member dealers as the only trade association representing independent dealers in New Mexico. Our purpose and goal is to encourage the joining together of the independent dealers of our state along with all other complimentary automotive entities to promote and support our industry. The mission of NMIADA is to educate, train best practices, and represent our dealers to the regulatory bodies and to the general public with ethics, transparency, and integrity in all matters. Our industry is ever changing and NMIADA is at the forefront of the issues our member dealer s face. Whether it is new regulations, consumer complaints, or litigation, NMIADA is here only to support and benefit each of its member dealers in New Mexico.

We pride ourselves on having a strong and active membership, who are looking to better themselves, their businesses, and their communities. We encourage dealer to dealer networking, and the sharing of best practices, so that it makes all of our dealers stronger and brings better competition to the marketplace. With this dealer to dealer sharing, we make a stronger overall industry for the consumers of New Mexico. Member Only Access to our website And access to Nationals website www. niada. com including the very informative
How to File a Complaint about Vehicle Dealers Vehicle Registration Suite - VRS Dealer and Auto Recycler Bond Info YES! It s that time of year again!

Due to Dealer Licensing Bureau by 2/29/2016 failure to submit timely will result in delays and/or denial The New Mexico Taxation Revenue Department (TRD) continues to receive phone calls from automobile dealers regarding TRD liens on vehicles taken in trade from customers and some resold. This notice is to remind dealers of the statutory authority of the Taxation Revenue Department and the expectations held regarding tax liens on property, including vehicles. Read A wide swath of businesses in New Mexico fall under the dealer licensing umbrella, including: Wreckers, dismantlers, and auto recyclers The license also requires that you establish a permanent place of business that is not also your residence.

This location must meet the necessary zoning standards set by the local authorities. Before the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) will even look at an application, some sort of security money needs to be put up. This needs to come in the form of a surety bond. Complete and submit the (Form MVD-10175). As mentioned earlier, you will need to conduct your business in an appropriate setting that adheres to recognized zoning ordinances. This establishment cannot be a residence. And importantly, it must have an area where the vehicles can be displayed. The place of business needs to also conform to the guidelines set in the (Form MVD-10038). A comprehensive inspection of the structure will be completed by a law enforcement officer or an authorized representative from the MVD to ensure the provisions are met.

You will also be required to complete an (MVD-10178). This entails taking photographs of your business, supplying a county or city license, and showing certification from the local zoning board. (Form MVD-10036) : Everyone involved in the enterprise will need to be listed on this form along with all of their basic info, including address, Social Security number, title, and date of birth. (Form MVD-10037): A basic questionnaire allowing you to come clean on any past dealer license revocations or felonies. This form needs to be filled out by every member of the organization. The form also authorizes the MVD to conduct a background check on all of the members.

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