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RAM News, Photos and Buying Information - Autoblog

RAM News, Photos and Buying Information - Autoblog

Ram Trucks was established as its own distinct brand by Chrysler in 2009 when operations of the automaker were taken over by Fiat. Ram-badged trucks have been competing in the American pickup market since 1981, and, before adopting the Ram name, had been sold under the D Series label since 1928. The marque gets its name from the ram head emblem that has been on Dodge vehicles since
the 1930s, and all Ram products still feature Dodge logos inside and out.

Ram Trucks currently offers the Dakota mid-size pickup and the full-size Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500, as well as various heavy-duty
chassis cabs.
You ever hear a story and start cringing before you hear the end because you know how it's going to turn out?

That could very well have been the case with the story from a few weeks ago in West Valley City, Utah, where a 14-year-old kid stole his grandfather's Hyundai Veloster and took it for a joyride through a park full of children.

But instead it turned into a heart-warming tale of heroism and a community banding together to do what's right. and then some. When people look back at today's automotive industry, what do you think they'll remember us for? The emergence of hybrids? Ever more expensive and exotic supercars? The dawn of the self-driving car?

All likely scenarios, but so is the blurring of lines between one bodystyle and another, giving rise to hardtop convertible coupes and crossovers of every shape and size. But one bodystyle the North American auto industry has stayed largely away from in the past couple of decades is a car nose and ch

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