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Ownership News and Information - Autoblog

Can not owning a car make you fatter? Iteems conventional wisdom would have it that people who don't own cars might tend to get more exercise having to walk everywhere they go, no? No. Well not completely, at least according to a new study that appears in the September issue of the Journal of Urban Health. While the study doesn't imply that walking isn't good exercise, it does take a closer look at where those people without cars are walking to.

And if you happen to live in a poorer neighborhood
It looks like auto makers have a problem beyond the current state of the economy: Generation Y is pretty disinterested in cars and in buying vehicles and has a penchant for connected gadgets instead of vehicles. Why? The recession and increased concern over the environment are keeping teens and young adults from rushing to get their driver's license and purchasing their first vehicle.

With a lot of young people unemployed and many parents facing economic hardships, the cost of car ownership is s Consider our fingers crossed. With all of the talk of front-wheel-drive BMW models coming down the pike, we simply assumed that the future of small German hatchbacks with roundels on the hood would be littered with soulless heaps.

According to the sleuths over at Car and Driver, however, that's not the case. After discovering that BMW had filed for U. S. patents for the names 228, 230 and 235, someone at BMW let it slip that the new 2 Series would, in fact, send its power to the aft. But hold ont

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