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Alternative Fuels News and Information - Autoblog

"A lot of auto makers believe the fuel-cell vehicle is just a better performing vehicle and just makes more sense. " So says Kevin See, a senior analyst of electric vehicles at Lux Research in Boston, told CNN. It's not a surprising thing to say, but it again shows commitments by automakers to develop hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles have been increasing lately. Toyota, Hyundai, Daimler and Honda all see them as vital alternative energy options, perhaps even more important than battery-electric vehicl
Electric vehicles may still be largely confined to pockets of the US but, slowly, more cities and governments are putting weight behind the technology and infrastructure.

The latest to do so is New York City. NYC mayor Bill de Blasio announced a plan Tuesday to replace 2,000 non-emergency city vehicles with electric models by 2025, roughly one-fifth of the overall government vehicle fleet, The New York Times reported.

This isn't the first time the city of New York has purchased electric vehicles, Kia is not a brand most people think of as being on the cutting edge of alternative drivetrain technology, especially in the U. S. market.

Here they are mostly thought of as a purveyor of inexpensive, decent but not outstanding cars. However we can't forget that Kia is a part of Hyundai and that brand has consistently ranked in the top three in CAFE rankings for the last several years, along with Toyota and Honda. That's without even having a hybrid, diesel or flex-fuel vehicle in the lineup. Tog

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