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Over the last decade, compact cars have ballooned in size. How much? On average, compact cars sold in the U. S. are 549 pounds heavier and sit on a wheelbase that's 6. 4 inches longer than those sold here ten years ago, according to analysis by Edmunds. com. With that added weight comes the need for more power and today's compacts pack an average of 64 more tire-spinning horses than those built a decade ago.

Edmunds' AutoObserver senior editor, Bill Visnic, explained the reasons for the inflated co
A recent survey, conducted by Michigan-based GfK Automotive, found that the general car-buying public is primarily motivated to choose their next vehicle based on cost, rather than out of interest for saving the environment. The findings show that automakers that are intent on selling green vehicles must focus on educating consumers about the financial benefits of alternative technology vehicles and not on the high-tech gadgetry that makes such a vehicle an environmentally friendly, breakthrough Do you need a small bus to carry around 12 people and you'd rather it was all-electric?

Naijing Iveco has one for you.

The manufacturer starts with a previous-generation European-version of an Iveco Daily (the manufacturer is related to Fiat) and installs an electric powertrain. According to Gasgoo, the vans have a range of 220km (150 miles) using about 40 kWh of electric power. No word on the battery technology, though. The Iveco EVs are destined to run as official service buses and they are th

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