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2015 BMW i8 Information

2015 BMW i8 Information

Hearing the phrase high-performance plug-in hybrid would normally make about as much sense as jumbo shrimp or rational and selfless politician. But the 2015 BMW i8 lends unquestionable credibility to that seeming oxymoron. Able to sprint to 60 mph in just 4. 5 seconds and hit a top speed of 155 mph, this exotic, environmentally conscious sports machine also boasts a 76 MPGe EPA fuel economy rating. If driving this car is going green, then consider us card-carrying members of the tree-hugger's club. This 's magic happens by way of a turbocharged 1. 5-liter inline three-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack. Working together, this dynamic duo makes 357 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque and channels it to all four wheels. Running on electric power alone, the i8 can travel up to 15 miles and reach a top speed of 75 mph. When the gas engine kicks on, the i8 has anything but a supercar's appetite for gas as it earns a combined fuel economy rating of 28 mpg and extends the i8's total estimated driving to a generous 330 miles. Recharging the car's battery pack can take as little as 1. 5 hours. Also contributing to the 2015 BMW i8's high performance and fuel-saving capabilities is the car's lightweight construction. Aluminum, carbon fiber and thinner, chemically hardened glass are all employed in its manufacture. Indeed, despite all the hybrid hardware packed into the i8, it is pretty much the same weight and length as a 3 Series sedan. A 50/50 front-to-rear weight distribution and low, centrally mounted battery pack promote finely balanced, agile handling to go along with the straight-line thrills. With its low, sleek body styling and unique scissor-lift-style doors, the 2015 BMW i8 pretty much guarantees that you'll make a grand entrance (and exit). The downside is that getting into the car takes a bit of practice. Inside, the futuristic cockpit uses recycled materials and naturally treated leather. The tiny rear seats, however, are best considered as additional cargo space, which you'll likely need given the trunk's meager capacity. Perhaps the only real rival to the 2015 BMW i8 is the similarly high-performing. It's purely electric and has the accompanying pros and cons to go with it, but it is less expensive and has four doors and usable rear seats.

If you decide to go strictly gas-powered, you may look across the showroom at
of performance machinery, while other sporting choices include the tempting lineup as well as the value-packed. But for the hybrid buyer seeking sexy styling as well as sizzling performance and admirable efficiency, the 2015 BMW i8 is a very desirable, if conspicuous, choice. There is absolutely no way to drive the 2015 BMW i8 without attracting attention everywhere you go. You might as well show up in a Batmobile, given the crowds that gather to watch the striking "bird wing" doors pivot up and away, above the roof, to reveal which glamorous international celerity clambers out. But the i8 is actually a sport coupe for a new age of efficiency. When's the last time such a stunning car came standard with a three-cylinder engine--and a charging cord to plug its electric components into the wall? The sleek and undeniably sexy two-seat sport coupe shape uses its classic design cues to draw attention to some unexpectedly cutting-edge technology. It's not your grandfather's imported coupe, that's for sure. The BMW i8 is the second, the most alluring, and the priciest model from BMW's revolutionary "i" sub-brand. The goal of the "i" cars is nothing less to reinvent the automobile for a new and more energy-efficient world. That label first spawned the boxy i3 electric car, but whereas that hatchback is all about elegantly soothing and miminal city transport, the i8 is meant to respond to the need for "a new era of sustainable performance," according to BMW. Like that of the i3, the i8's body shell is made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), carried on an aluminum chassis that absorbs frontal crash energy and holds the powertrain. The styling of the i8 has elements of traditional BMW, including the twin-kidney grilles at the front, but it also introduces elements unique to the BMW 'i' family. These include a groove between the upper and lower rear bodywork, wing-like fins at the rear, and blue trim accents. The 'i' cars also have unusually tall wheels and tires (20-inch wheels are standard on the i8) to cut aerodynamic drag by narrowing the area of the tire between the car's underside and the ground.

Inside, the floating instrument pod and ultra-modern--almost Scandinavian--design are simple, but made of unusual materials including reclaimed wood veneer and fabrics using recycled fiber content. The driver and passenger sit low, as in any sports car, with the tall tunnel for the battery pack between them. The highly contoured lightweight seats proved comfortable for most occupants, though we'll be curious to learn whether that's the case over longer trips. The powertrain of the BMW i8 actually consists of two separate power sources. Up front, an electric motor powers the front wheels, and at the rear, a high-output turbocharged three-cylinder drives the rear wheels. The combination gives the i8 the ability to run solely on electricity, as a sporty hybrid, or with both operating together for maximum performance. The independently operable pair of powertrains makes the BMW i8 what engineers term a "through-the-road" hybrid, with each mode of propulsion coordinated not mechanically but via control software when they are used together for all-wheel drive and maximum performance. The electric motor up front is rated at 96 kilowatts (131 horsepower) and 184 lb-ft of torque; it's used for all-electric running at speeds up to 75 mph. The energy comes from a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack with a usable energy capacity of about 5 kilowatt-hours, mounted in the tunnel between the seats, giving the entire car a low, sleek profile. In the rear, the i8 is the first BMW to use the company''s new 1. 5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine, rated at 231 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. (It's also used in the new third-generation MINI Cooper, in a lower state of tune. ) The engine drives the rear wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission. BMW quotes an electric range of up to 22 miles in "Max Emode", but the electric motor also provides "boost" to the engine when the car is running in its highest-performance "Sport" mode. The default mode, known as comfort, uses each powertrain or both in a more efficient manner, and the EPA rates the i8's total combined range between the charged battery and the gasoline tank at 330 miles.

In addition to the three driving modes--Max E-Mode, Comfort, and Sport--the first two can be driven using the EcoPro function, which increase efficiency and range by capping acceleration and other energy uses. The EPA rates the i8's electric range at 15 miles, and gives it a rating of 76 MPGe, or miles per gallon equivalent when running electrically. MPGe measures the distance that a car can travel on the same amount of energy as that contained in 1 gallon of gasoline. When running as a gasoline hybrid, the BMW i8 gets a fuel efficiency rating of 28 mpg--decent for a high-performance sport coupe, but lower than comparable ratings for more pedestrian plug-in hybrid sedans and hatchbacks. Whether buyers of six-figure sports coupes really prioritize fuel efficiency and sustainability is open to question. Clearly the BMW i8's light weight, advanced powertrain, and innovative materials will make it a technology icon. But after driving a prototype in April 2014, we are more inclined to view it as a sports car that's comfortable in the role of a touring car rather than as a track racer. Which is not to say that BMW doesn't have plans up its sleeve for even higher-performance models. The very first (2014) BMW i8 models were delivered in August 2014, and 2015s are now on sale. The base price is $135,700, which includes the mandatory delivery fee, and options can add $10,000 or more depending on how heavy-handed the buyer is on the specifications sheet. Among the features offered on BMW i8 cars in some markets are the world's first laser headlights--where they're legally permitted--with LED headlights fitted elsewhere. бе1,000 бе1,500 бе2,000 бе2,500 бе3,000 бе3,500 бе4,000 бе4,500 бе5,000 бе5,500 бе6,000 бе6,500 бе7,000 бе7,500 бе8,000 бе8,500 бе9,000 бе9,500 бе10,000 бе11,000 бе12,000 бе13,000 бе14,000 бе15,000 бе16,000 бе17,000 бе18,000 бе19,000 бе20,000 бе22,500 бе25,000 бе27,500 бе30,000 бе35,000 бе40,000 бе45,000 бе50,000 бе55,000 бе60,000 бе65,000 бе70,000 бе75,000 бе100,000 бе250,000 бе500,000 бе1,000,000 бе2,000,000

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