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I’ll stick to that thought because it makes me interested in her character. SM girl but she needs learn a lot, bcz her acting just so so in this drama 3 years ago. Report yellow-daffodil Sincerely enjoying this drama since day 1 – that I found it! Its funny yet a lot of hidden message in between. The companionship, husband and wife bitterness and diminishing love, true friendship, family ties, trust, cheatings, black mailing, pride, sad, anger, oh so much more Reply lulu 3 years ago. Reply NIco This drama is very daring I would say.. It reminds me a bit of Let’s eat and not just because one of the actresses who played in LE also.

Marriage, Not Dating (2014)

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Music 10 Rewatch Value 10 I think this is one of those dramas where you sit back and say “Wow, so this is also a way a Korean Drama can be made”. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there were some kdrama cliches in Marriage Not Dating but nothing was overbearing. In fact, I loved those cliches too. And it was an extremely refreshing romantic-comedy.

The plot was very interesting throughout. A guy wants to stay single while his family mostly his mom threatens to get him married. So he decides to make Jang Mi his fake girlfriend as he knows his family would never approve of her as their daughter-in-law. The funniest ride starts right there at their first meeting. I loved how they started every episode with some fast-forwarded scene that made you go, “did I miss an episode or something?

The characters were all amazing. I haven’t loved a female lead in a long time the way I loved Jang Mi.

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Marriage Not Dating Episode 9: One Night in a Faraway Place Jang-mi narrates: When the day is over, all six of us will have kissed someone.

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Perhaps when you get so good at fake love, you stop being able to recognize the real deal. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. They each take turns downing a shot and look back and forth expectantly. When the day is over, all six of us will have kissed someone. Through that kiss, some will confirm their love, and some will be hurt.

Rewind to Jang-mi the runaway bride, as she escapes the bridal shopping day from hell and leaves Ki-tae standing in the street calling her name. Ki-tae keeps calling Jang-mi frantically, and Se-ah comments meekly that she really did want to help this time. Ki-tae jumps in the car to go after her, and Hoon-dong hops in too, using his stolen car as an excuse to come along. Yeo-reum drives Jang-mi to the ocean with the top down, like a picture-perfect honeymoon getaway right out of movie.

Yeo-reum chides her for getting wrapped up with real emotions in the fake marriage all over again, and Jang-mi agrees with a smile.

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She gets out from work for a marriage fraud, and starts to work as a remarriage couple manager. Unmarried woman, who failed in love, enters into the world of remarriage. He married through the arranged marriage, and got divorced. Ironically, he needs to help those who have the same pain and trouble that he has.

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Just like every family experiences happiness and fulfillment, there are also problems, unexpected events and conflicts to handle and resolve. He decides to take in Tomas, a young man who has had several problems with the law and that Sister Maria holds dear. His withdrawn and petulant personality makes staying in the rectory difficult for him to get used to. Even the lives of Cecchini and Tommasi have undergone some changes. In fact, the two officers have suffered the effects of the Spending Review and the police station in Gubbio was closed and integrated into the one in Spoleto.

Yet this family has even had to overcome the pain of losing Patrizia, who died a few years earlier in a tragic accident, leaving Captain Tommasi all alone to father young Martina. In Spoleto, however, the Captain comes across an old friend who is about to get married, a public prosecutor by the name of Bianca Venezia. While Cecchini suffers from being so far from his priest friend, Don Matteo is asked to take on a new assignment right in the parish of Spoleto, where, together with all the inhabitants of the rectory, he is reunited with the Sergeant, ready to resolve new cases together!

In fact, even the officers have suffered the effects of the Spending Review when the police station in Gubbio was closed and integrated into the one in Spoleto. Meanwhile, Don Matteo is investigating into a case that seems to involve a young man that Sister Maria holds very dear, Tomas, who has already had quite a few problems with the law.

Meanwhile, Bianca gets dumped over the phone by her future husband and Cecchini dedicates his heart and soul to trying to set her up with Ghisoni. While Cecchini talks to his granddaughter Martina about swearing, we find out that Lia has some serious problems at the University. Meanwhile, Cecchini is contacted to participate in a radio game show and Don Matteo seems to have found just the right job for Tomas.

She is found near death on the bank of a river.

Marriage, Not Dating Episode 4

Marriage not dating eng sub ep 9 I distinctively remember that for one of the drama reviews here, you guys said that the particular leads had so much chemistry you could watch them underwater basket-weave for hours and that would be just fine. Mom appeared less much to my relief. Chandler August 2, at 5:

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Other reviews by this user Mar 18, Points to Hoon Dong for immediately saying “I’ll protect you! Sadly this episode is plagued by one, actually two, of my least favorite things. The female lead drunkenly dealing with her problems that kind of reveals her true emotion. Secondly that everyone is pretending not to know everyone elses’ true feelings.

This did show a bit of how Se Ah and Yeo Reum might find themselves together. Bonding over the person they like falling for another person. What I really wanted was for Jang Mi at some point to totally drop the hammer on how Ki Tae’s mom treated her own mother. That she belittled her to such a point that her mom actually took out loans for a dowry so that Jang Mi wouldn’t feel inferior.

Marriage Not Dating Episode 6

They stay true to themselves as the show manages to tie up all the loose ends nicely, leaving me feeling like everyone gets the ending they deserve. Ki-tae turns and walks away, leaving Jang-mi alone at the altar. While they talk, Ki-tae accidentally finds the envelope of postcards from Dad and swipes them. Ki-tae suggests they go see her father, since they now have his address. Finally he pulls over at a rest stop also against her wishes and orders lunch, saying he needs energy to endure her while she takes her upset out on him.

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