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Jacquelyn Williamson talks about her work reconstructing wall reliefs from the site, and its precarious condition. Starting in the late s and ending in the s Barry Kemp and the members of the Egypt Exploration Society team excavated an area called Kom el-Nana , located in one of the southernmost sections of Tell el-Amarna. They were able to document a large walled compound the size of five American football fields that held many different structures inside. In addition to an industrial scale brewery one of only a few from Amarna there were two stone buildings and several brick buildings, one of which is likely to be a Window of Appearance structure. One of the most intriguing features of the site however is the fact that it is divided down the center by a wall running west to east, slicing the square-ish enclosure into unequal halves. Unfortunately the Maru Aten does not exist anymore, having been swallowed up by encroaching fields and urban development. The same fate sadly awaits Kom el-Nana unless steps can be taken to save this precious structure. An aerial photo of the site showing its overall layout, dating to when there remained a buffer of desert around much of the complex. Sunshades of Re are rare temples because not every king built one.

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