Wipro sued for breaking marriage

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Kanpur’s Tripti Nigam is suing Wipro’s Azim Premji for “leading her husband astray” by supposedly giving him a dating allowance. TNN Nov 28, , Leave travel allowance, dearness allowance, medical reimbursements This last-mentioned perk is fast becoming a norm in many corporate circles where youngsters right out of college or B-schools are employed.

But is India ready for this largely western concept?

One of India’s leading software companies Wipro has denied giving employees “dating allowances”. An employee’s wife has filed a case against what she has described as Wipro’s “home-breaking allowance”.

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India Business News: A Wipro employee’s wife has alleged that her husband left her because the IT firm paid him a “dating allowance”.

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Hey Guys Just got a news. Thought of sharing with you. I have just come across a news which says a lady whose husband is working in Wipro. Her husband was going on date with one lady because his company is providing dating allowance to him.

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When contacted a Wipro spokesman, however, denied the prevalence of ‘dating allowance’ for employees and said ‘we would like to categorically state that we do not have a dating allowance in any.

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Bangalore, Nov Mr Gaurav Nigam, Software Engineer in Wipro Technologies Limited, today denied existence of ‘Dating Allowance’ in Wipro and accused his wife Tripti Nigam of beating him while.

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